(article) Juan Longoria, Jr.

Juan Longoria, Jr.
Brownsville, Texas

Juan Longoria Jr. was the inaugural winner of The Big Squeeze in 2007. Since winning the first installment of The Big Squeeze, Juan Longoria, Jr. has gone on to record CDs and receive awards with his band, Conteño, known for their blending of conjunto, Norteño, and Tejano. Conteño received the Upcoming Conjunto award in 2011 from the South Texas Conjunto Association.

He recently graduated from University of Texas at Brownsville, earning a degree in Business Administration and is now a music teacher at Los Fresnos High School in Los Fresnos, Texas, where he established their first-ever conjunto program in 2013. In 2013, he was nominated as Accordionist of the Year by the South Texas Conjunto Association.

Conjunto music is a family affair in the Longoria family. Longoria Jr. learned from his father Juan Sr. Now Longoria Jr. takes pride in passing the tradition to his son Juan Longoria III, placed as a semi-finalist in the 2012 and 2013 editions of The Big Squeeze. Website


Most Notable Performances

March 30, 2013  Big Squeeze-Los Fresnos High School  

March 2, 2013    Big Squeeze-University of Texas-Pan American                                

March 4, 2012    Big Squeeze-Harlingen Performing Arts Theatre               

March 19, 2011  Big Squeeze-Latino Cultural Center

2011                       Big Squeeze-Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center                         

2011                       National Association of State Arts Agencies Conference                                

October 10, 2010 Tejano-Conjunto-Norteño Bi-national Convening-STC Mid Valley Campus        

October 26, 2009 The Big Squeeze Film Screening – University of Texas at Brownsville

October 25, 2009 The Big Squeeze Film Screening – University of Texas at Brownsville     

June 7, 2008       Accordion Kings and Queens-Houston Miller Outdoor Theater                  

May 11, 2008      Big Squeeze Semi-Finals-Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

June 2, 2007       Big Squeeze Finals/AKQ-Miller Outdoor Theatre (Winner)           

June 1, 2007       Big Squeeze Semi-finals-Miller Outdoor Theatre (Finalist)