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Texas Folklife

Folk and Traditional Arts of Texas


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  • Posted on Wed Jul 30, 2014

    The St.

  • Posted on Thu Jun 26, 2014
  • Posted on Tue May 20, 2014
    Annelize Machado & Maraa Dance Theatre present:
    Kavi, a performance featuring Contemporary dance & Hindustani Vocals 
  • Posted on Thu Apr 17, 2014

    BIG DANCE May 3rd at the HISTORIC Cat Spring Agricultural Society Pavilion

  • Posted on Thu Apr 17, 2014
  • Posted on Wed Dec 18, 2013

    At Momma's at Sengelmann's Restaurant, Garrett Pettit and his team  take pride in offering handmade pizza, inspired by his Momma's recipes, Angus beef burgers, Czech and Texas cuisine, amazing atmosphere, culture and music. We combine down-home goodness with innovative flavors and an unmistakable Texas taste.

  • Posted on Tue Nov 26, 2013

    Tap dance is a folk art form that drew from Irish and other percussive forms of dance but originated in the American South in the mid 19th Century. It gained wider audiences in the early 1900s in the Vaudeville and jazz scenes. Many of the members of my "folklife family" don't know this, but my first passion in life is dance.

  • Posted on Tue Nov 26, 2013

    Each year, Sembrando Herencia combines live music, dance, and theater to raise awareness of often-forgotten elements from Puerto Rico's rich heritage.

  • Posted on Tue Nov 5, 2013

    3pm Genuine mariachi music Mariachi Corbetas featuring former Big Squeeze participant Anthony Ortiz Jr.

    4pm Mexican Son Jarocho music with local group Son Armado

    5pm West African music and dance with former Texas Folklife apprenticeship master artist Jean-Claude Lessou

  • Posted on Thu Oct 31, 2013

    Last weekend I attended the Blackpot Festival in Lafayette for the first time. Blackpot is a music and food festival celebrating the culture of Southern Louisiana's Acadiana Region. There is a wide range of musical styles and a variety of foods, each being prepared in - you guessed it: black pots. One of the things I found interesting was the similarities between this region and the Gulf Coast Texas region in which I was raised.