(event) Cuentos y relatos de familia - taller público de medios

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Texas Folklife Event
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Wed Apr 26, 2017 - 6:00PM

Cuentos y relatos de familia - taller público de medios
Taller familiar

Texas Folklife Gallery (1708 Houston St)

26 abril 2017, 6-8pm

Donación sugerida: $20



Ven y aprende a convertir memorias familiares, relatos tradicionales, y herencias culturales en narraciones audiofónicas con los productores de Texas Folklife Michelle Mejía y Carlos Salazar. Las personas asistentes deberán traer un artículo de valor personal o una foto de familia relacionada con la historia a contar. Donación sugerida $20 para este taller.

This workshop is primarily in Spanish, but English translators will be available on-site.

To hear other media projects by the Texas Folklife Stories from Deep in the Heart program, please visit https://soundcloud.com/texasfolklife/sets/stories-summer-institute-2016-radio-documentaries.


Texas Folklife’s Public Media Workshops are a series of classes for community members who want to learn the basics of media production. Our goal is to get central Texans starting their own history and cultural documentation projects with materials on hand. Each workshop is uniquely designed to cover a unique cultural need, such as interviewing community members, documenting local events, or making the most of family heritage and photos. At the end of every workshop, participants have a chance to consult one-on-one with our producers about putting their new skills into action.

These workshops are the newest initiative by Stories from Deep in the Heart, Texas Folklife’s award-winning media education program. They were started in 2016 to reach beyond the program’s traditional scope and directly serve the Austin community in more dynamic ways. In addition to Podcasting Techniques and English/Spanish radio production in central Texas school, our public media workshops offer a return to the Stories program’s strong bilingual education roots. Most workshops are available in English and Spanish.