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Getting to know the Goddess Series: La Santa Muerte

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 00:00 to 01:45
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Texas Folklife Event

La Santa Muerte ˆ Mexican Folk Saint Personifying Death

A relatively new and controversial folk saint has emerged in the Americas ˆ La Santa Muerte (Saint Death or Most Holy Death,) a syncretic version of the European grim reaper influenced by Meso-American views on death and folk religion. Most media accounts of Santa Muerte focus on the faith practices of traffickers and murderers, but in reality her devotees include millions of people not involved in the drug trade. They see her as an efficient miracle worker and healer in their lives.

AKQ CD Release Party @ Antone's

AKQ Live! CD had a great release at the historic Antone's Night Club in Austin.  The evening offered live music of two bands featured on the CD - Los Texmaniacs of San Antonio fronted by Max Baca and the up and coming Morales Boyz of Dallas, fronted by Big Squeeze Champion Nachito Morales and also including 2013 reigning champion Michael Ramos.