Carnatic Music Apprenticeship [1]

Vocalist Seetha Chandrashekhar is undertaking Texas Folklife's apprenticeship in the folk & traditional arts program by training with master Carnatic (South Indian) musician and composer Chitravina N. Ravikran [3], one of Indian music's most inspiring ambassadors.  Based in Coppell, TX, Chandrashekhar has been working with Ravikiran on three important features of the Carnatic vocal tradition: 

Javalis (fast-paced pieces with romantic themes)

Padams ( slow-paced pieces that require extreme control in slow tempo as well as good voice and breathing techniques)

raga alapana (melodic improvisation exploring the contours of Indian ragas or modes).  

Operations & Development Director Charlie Lockwood recently interviewed Chandrashekhar and Ravikiran about their experiences working together in Texas Folklife's Apprenticeship program.  

Seetha Chandrashekhar will give a final performance [4] displaying the techniques she has learned from Ravikiran on Friday August 15, 2014 at  Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple
(12030 Independence Parkway / Frisco, TX 75035).