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Big Squeeze 2017 Winner

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  • Posted on Thu Jul 5, 2018
    Photo Credit: David Dodd Mason NesvadbaGuy, TexasMason Nesvadba was the Polka Grand Prize WInner in the 2017 edition of the Big Squeeze. Mason started to play the piano accordion when he inherited his great-great uncle's one from his grandfather. Nesvadba is driven to become the best not only because of inspiration from his family but also from previous BIg Squeeze winners Garrett Neubauer (...
  • Posted on Thu Jul 5, 2018
    Photo Credit: David Dodd Donovan BourqueBeaumont, TexasDonovan was the Cajun/Zydeco Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 Big Squeeze Competition Donovan started playing the accordion when he was 10 years old. His grandfather was one of his biggest influences growing up and left Donovan his accordion when he passed. His deep passion for the music keeps him playing with a variety of bands in hopes...
  • Posted on Tue Jun 26, 2018
    Photo Credit: David Dodd Luis GonzalezGrand Prairie, Texas Luis Gonzalez was the Conjunto Grand Prize Winner for the 2017 edition of the Big Squeeze. Luis grew up listening to Tejano and Norteño music. With the support of his family, Gonzalez plans on playing for as long as he can because it brings joy to him as well as to those who listen.      Most Notable Performances...