(article) Anthony Ortiz, Jr.

Photo Credit: Deborah Cannon/Austin American-Statesman

Anthony Ortiz, Jr.
Austin, Texas

Anthony Ortiz, Jr. was a Big Squeeze finalist in 2008 and 2009 and was also featured in The Big Squeeze film.

He graduated from Austin High School and is studying at Austin Community College. He performs with his father and his grandfather with Mariachi Corbetas and also plays accordion for the country band, Crooks. Website

Most Notable Performances

November 17, 2013                  Austin Fan Fest                

August 4, 2013                          Accordion Kings and Queens CD Release Party-Antone's

November 16, 2013                  Austin Fan Fest                      

March 29, 2012                        State Capitol Tejano Monument Unveiling Parade           

September 30, 2009                 Austin High School

September 17, 2009                 South Austin Senior Center

June 1, 2009                             Accordion Kings and Queens-Miller Outdoor Theatre (Finalist)

May 2, 2009                              Big Squeeze Semi-Finals Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (Finalist)

May 18, 2008                            State Capitol Performance (State Reps Honor Anthony)

March 11, 2008                         KUT-FM-Austin

January 18, 2009                      Big Squeeze Backyard Bash-Austin

June 7, 2008                              Accordion Kings and Queens-Miller Outdoor Theatre (Finalist)

May 11, 2008                            Big Squeeze Semi-Finals-Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (Finalist)