Call for Articles for 2nd Annual Texas Fiddling Festival

Texas Folklife, the statewide non-profit cultural dedicated to the celebration and perpetuation of the folk arts and folklife of the Lone Star State, and Texas Dance Hall Preservation, Inc, a statewide 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness in an effort to save the state’s historic dance halls, seeks article submissions and proposals about all aspects of Texas Fiddling for its printed program of the Second Annual Festival of Texas Fiddling.

 These articles can discuss musicians, tunes, Texas fiddling history from any time period, reminiscences of legendary fiddlers, general or specific dance hall stories,  history and lore, and other kinds of written works covering the rich and varied traditions of fiddling, dance and historic halls across the many regions of Texas. We are also seeking visuals, photographs, and other images from the past of Texas fiddling and Texas dance halls.

 If you have any idea for a piece in the program, drop us a line and we are happy to consider it. The length is variable with a limit of 1200 words. The deadline for submissions is October 16.

 Submissions, suggestions, or questions should be directed to Dan Margolies,

 The Festival of Texas Fiddling is the only of its kind, highlighting and celebrating the many regional and ethnic traditions of fiddling from across Texas alongside the popular contest, country, and swing styles. This includes often under-recognized styles like old time, Creole, Texas Polish, Mexican American, and Son Huasteco.  The festival showcases the masters of each of these styles while also featuring the top fiddlers in contest style and an evening dance with Western swing.  The festival is hosted in a beautiful and authentic Texas Dance Hall with rich German history.   More detail is available here