(article) City of Austin Cultural Arts Division 2015 FY Sponsorships

The FY 2015 grants from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Divison have rolled in and it's finally time to reveal the projects sponsored by their grants. Texas Folklife is dedicated to music, education, and traditional culture all around Texas and here are a few of the programs we'll be bringing you in the coming year.

First, there's Michelle Alany and her one-day Sephardic, Eastern European, and Mediterranean music festival that will offere public workshops and a concert event. You can find out more about that here.

Second, we're helping to bring you the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival (RACF), which is a weekend-long conjunto music festival that takes place every February right here in Austin, TX and presents perfomers from all over Texas at various stages in their musical careers. Learn more about the conjunto festival here.

Third, we've got Andrew Garrison's feature film "Casa de Carton", a fictional film depicting the lives of two orphaned Mexican sisters: Rachel, who was raised in texas, and Catalina, who was raised in Mexico, and exploring their differences. Learn more about the film here.

Finally, we've got WOBEONFest, Austin's premier World Music Festival. This two-day event features Austin-based music from around the world including international and touring groups. More info can be found at the WOBEON webpage here.

All in all we have many great events scheduled for the coming year. In addition to the events above, we've got even more coming to you thanks to the City of Austin Cultural Contracts. Find out more about the arts in Austin here. 
The Austin World Music Festival - This two-day event featuring Austin-based world music 
ensembles and international touring groups.