(article) PODER Young Scholars of Justice & Stories from Deep in the Heart Collaborate

Texas Folklife preserves, promotes and presents the rich cultural heritage of our Lone Star State.  As such, we look in all corners of our cities and towns, large and small, to find the people with meaningful lives and practices to share with the rest of us.  In order to do that we depend on collaborating with other organizations who have relationships to their communities at the ground level.  In the past years we have been fortunate to find a fabulous partner in PODER. Their Young Scholars for Justice have participated in our Summer Institute—our folklore in radio journalism program, as well as the Stories for Deep in the Heart Internship.  We are nothing but impressed with their preparation, dedication, intelligence and perseverance for social justice. It always is a pleasure to watch the youths’ discussion of radio production—always insightful in the development of their story, and they worked very, very hard to get things done.  It was a joy to work with them; they are a testament to the quality of the Young Scholars for Justice program.  

Listen to their stories here!

 Soundslide clip of Sacred Plants and Folk Medicine produced during the 2011 Summer institute