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Randall Jackson

Randall Jackson
Dallas, Texas

Randall Jackson was the Zydeco Grand Prize WInner in the 2014 edition of the Big Squeeze.

Randall was born in South East Texas and grew up around Creole and Cajun culture. He even speaks some French Creole. He specializes in Zydeco in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and perfor,s around Texas with a band he fronts called Dr. Zydeco. He attended Weatherford College.



Most Notable Performances

June 7, 2014       Accordion Kings and Queens-Houston Miller Outdoor Theater (Big Squeeze Grand Prize Winner) 

April 25, 2014       Big Squeeze Finals-Bob Bullock Museum (Cajun/Zydeco Winner)  

March 23 10, 2014       Big Squeeze Dallas Showcase (Finalist)