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Rito Peña

Rito Reña
San Antonio, Texas

Rito Peña was the Conjunto/Norteño Grand Prize WInner in the 2015 edition of the Big Squeeze.

Rito started taking accoridion lessons with Bene Medina when he was nine years old and continued to take lessons with him throuhout high school. Rito loves Conjunto music.



Most Notable Performances

June 6, 2015       Accordion Kings and Queens-Houston Miller Outdoor Theater (Big Squeeze Grand Prize Winner) 

April 25, 2015       Big Squeeze Finals-Bob Bullock Museum (Conjunto/Norteño Winner)  

March 29, 2015       Big Squeeze San Antonio Showcase (Finalist)

April 20, 2013       Big Squeeze Semi-Finals-Bob Bullock Museum (Semi-Finalist)   

March 8, 2013       Big Squeeze San Antonio Showcase (Semi-Finalist)

April 20, 2012       Big Squeeze Semi-Finals-Bob Bullock Museum (Semi-Finalist)  

March 30, 2012       Big Squeeze San Antonio Showcase (Semi-Finalist)

April 20, 2011       Big Squeeze Semi-Finals-Bob Bullock Museum (Semi-Finalist) 

April 30, 2011       Big Squeeze San Antonio Showcase (Semi-Finalist)



Feb 5, 2010       Big Squeeze San Antonio Showcase