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The Big Squeeze 2014 Press Coverage

We are tracking press coverage of The Big Squeeze 2014 as we travel across the state of Texas to meet young accordion players taking the stage. You Squeezebox lovers out there can help us out with this. If you see press coverage (television news segments and newspaper, magazine or blog articles) of The Big Squeeze 2014 mentioned in your area, send us the link at and we will add the most recent coverage to the top of this page as the season progresses. If you haven't already, catch us on Facebook and Instagram (@traditionaltexas) and share with your friends and family!

May 3, 2014

Eduardo Martinez, a regular contributor to The Monitor in McAllen, Texas, has been covering The Big Squeeze beat throughout this 8th season. Read his latest here, covering the announcement of our three grand prize winners last weekend at the Bullock Museum.

April 26, 2014

Austin American-Statesman photojournalist Tina Phan covered our Big Squeeze Finals last weekend at the Bullock Museum. You can view here clip here, You do not need to be a paid Statesman subscriber to view.

April 17, 2014

The Valley Morning Star has just published an article on Big Squeeze 2014 contestant Mariano Resendez of La Joya who last week was named one of our conjunto finalists by our team of judges.

April 13, 2014

Eduardo Martinez's Regional Ramblings column in The Monitor mentions our impending announcement of 2014's Big Squeeze finalists.

 29, 2014
Los Fresnos - Los Fresnos, Texas

The Coastal Current, the regional entertainment weekly serving South Padre and the Rio Grande Valley, publicized our Los Fresnos Big Squeeze showcase this past weekend.
The parent company of the Coastal Current, the Valley Morning Star, had a reporter on hand for an article about our Big Squeeze 2014 showcase in Los Fresnos. This same article also appeared in The Brownsville Herald.

In their March 27 edition, The Monitor also ran a story previewing our Los Fresnos visit.

The Monitor in McAllen ran an article in their March 20 edition covering our upcoming showcase.

The Port Isabel-South Padre Press published an article in their March 13 edition announcing our upcoming Big Squeeze 2014.

Rio Grande Valley NBC affiliate KVEO ran a story
on March 11 covering our second Big Squeeze showcase in the Valley this season.

March 23, 2014
Dallas - Latino Cultural Center

Our latest stop in Dallas garnered multiple mentions in the Dallas Morning News. Our Dallas showcase was mentioned on March 19 in its calendar recommendations of things to do for the weekend.

An article in the March 21 edition features Elena and Gregory Fainshtein, piano accordionists living in Plano, hope to keep accordion music alive. This gets at the heart of what we are all passionate about, the sustainability of the music so tradition can prevail, thrive and enrich our communities.  After the article, noting the accordion elsewhere in the Metroplex, the Dallas Morning News plugged our Big Squeeze showcase Sunday in Dallas at the Latino Cultural Center.

Dallas Uptown's online publication, Bubblelife also previewed our showcase in its March 14 edition.

February 23, 2014

Houston - Multicultural Education & Counseling for the Arts

A Houston Chronicle photographer covered the Big Squeeze for the paper. Monday morning, this photo appeared in its print edition for February 24. (Photo Credit: Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle)

Also on February 20, Houston's NPR affiliate, KUHF, interviewed Texas Folklife executive director, Cristina Balli, previewing our showcase at MECA.

February 22, 2014
Schulenburg - Sengelmann Hall/Texas Polka Fest & Symposium

Last week, the Texas Monthly named the Texas Polka Fest & Symposium in Schulenburg, Texas one of their "Six Must-Attend" events across the state for the weekend of February 21-23. Affirming such a distinction, one of the attendees Saturday drove halfway across the state at least six hours, all the way from Midland!

The Texas Monthly is also a news partner with The New York Times, providing the NYT expanded Texas culture coverage. This same article also appeared on the New York Times online edition.

February 9, 2014
Corpus Christi - McDonald Public Library

On February 5, our friend, the legendary Chano Cadena appeared on an early morning teaser segment on KIII-TV 3, ahead of the Big Squeeze coming to Corpus Christi. Check out the clip here.

No rest for the weary as Texas Folklife headed to Corpus Christi after Saturday's stop in La Joya, in search of young accordion talent of South Texas. Logging in 61 years and counting in the music business, Conjunto legend Chano Cadena, performed before a packed house at McDonald Public Library. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times has a photo gallery capturing some of the moments yesterday.

We are estatic to have local television coverage in Corpitos, as KRIS 6 (NBC affiliate) was in the house to cover The Big Squeeze.

KIII TV 3 was on hand to cover the showcase and performance by Chano Cadena and featured The Big Squeeze a segment in its evening newscasts February 9.

In its Monday February 10 edition, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times ran a story spread featured on the front page of its Local news section. The online edition of the story is available to subscribers. (Photo Credit: George Tuley/Caller-Times)

February 8, 2014
La Joya, Texas - La Joya High School

Kicking off Week 2 of The Big Squeeze 2014, Texas Folklife hit the road to La Joya, Texas in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Monitor
newspaper of McAllen, Texas ran an article in its February 15 edition. Writer Eduardo Martinez covered The Big Squeeze for the paper...:

Sarah Rucker, Texas Folklife’s program and events manager, introduced the up-and-coming musicians to the audience. The following entered the contest and showcased their squeezebox playing skills: Marco Ramos, 17, student at La Joya High School; Miguel Peña, 17, student at Palmview High School; Alan Guerra, 17, student at Palmview High School; Jose Lopez Jr., 20, graduate of Mission High School; Alberto "Ranger" Rangel, 17, student at La Joya High School; Roel Sandoval, 15, student at La Joya High School; Alberto Rios Jr., 17, student at Palmview High School; Mariano Resendez, 14, student at Palmview High School.

It was a delightful morning of great music, and a reminder of how much talent we have here in the Valley. Some of the pieces that were performed include "La Grulla," "Idalia," "Viva Seguin," "Atotonilco," "El Oso Negro," "Nievitas," "Accordiones de Oro," "La Repetida," "La Naranjal" and even an instrumental version of "You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’."

The love for this music started at home for many who auditioned. Rangel, who has been playing the accordion for nearly five years, credits his family for introducing him to the genre.

"My grandpa, my uncles, all my family (got me into this)," Rangel said. "My grandpa tunes accordions, his name is Nafael Rangel, he lives here in Peñitas." [Read the rest of the article from The Monitor]

The Monitor also published an online photo gallery February 9, featuring some of the 8 contestants who took to the stage at La Joya High School.

General Press Coverage of Upcoming season of The Big Squeeze 2014

January 30, 2014
We were fortunate to garner a mention about The Big Squeeze from Texas Highways magazine. An article announced our dates and locations of the statewide slate of showcases across Texas.

PolkaBeat published a blog January 9 announcing our 8th season of The Big Squeeze.

December 23, 2013
The word went out late last year about the upcoming 2014 edition of The Big Squeeze. The Nueces County Record Star ran an article in their December 23 edition, announcing our search for young accordion players across the state.