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Watch out Bullock Museum— It’s Big Squeeze time again!

On Saturday, April 26, the plaza in front of the Bullock Texas State History Museum will resemble a high school battle of the bands. Instead of marching bands, however, the Big Squeeze Accordion contest will greet unsuspecting visitors.

Tourists will have to weave around makeshift folding chair camps set up by families and fans, there to cheer their hometown Conjunto, zydeco or polka hero or heroine.

Resurrecting Love - an African-American burial ground

This weekend I had the privilege to participate in a special project near Marshall, Texas - the effort to maintain an old slave and African-American burial ground, Love Cemetery.  Brought to national attention through a book and an ongoing documentary by Texan, now California-based, China Galland, the the "keepers of Love" continue to struggle to gain access to the grounds for visits and upkeep.  

Love - I'm on My Way

Love - I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table

Iliana Vasquez, 2014 TXF Intern

Iliana Vasquez is a student at the University of Texas at Austin.  She is currently a first-year graduate student at the UT Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS). Prior to attending UT, she was a Mexican American Studies (MAS) undergraduate at the University of Texas-Pan American. She will be serving as a Program Intern this Spring and will be assisting with this year’s Big Squeeze program.