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Big Squeeze Champs— Aaron, Garrett & Randall

All nine Big Squeeze contestants are winners. 

 Congratulations to Big Squeeze Champs:

Aaron Daniel Salinas of San Antonio, Conjunto

Garrett Neubauer, of Altair, Polka

Randall Jackson, Dallas, Zydeco

Big Squeeze Day is here!

Saturday, April 26 is officially Big Squeeze Day in Austin by city proclamation.

 It kicked off the 8th Annual Big Squeeze Contest and Accordion Contest.  The musicians are warming up for their sets on the Bullock Museum Plaza.


Watch out Bullock Museum— It’s Big Squeeze time again!

On Saturday, April 26, the plaza in front of the Bullock Texas State History Museum will resemble a high school battle of the bands. Instead of marching bands, however, the Big Squeeze Accordion contest will greet unsuspecting visitors.

Tourists will have to weave around makeshift folding chair camps set up by families and fans, there to cheer their hometown Conjunto, zydeco or polka hero or heroine.

It’s a wrap—Thank you!

The more than $4,600 dollars you donated will help Texas Folklife continue to preserve Texas’ rich heritage. 

 With $4,600 dollars we can fund:


-Two apprenticeships with master folk artists or

-A semester of radio story telling instruction for 30 high school students or

Officially less than an hour left!

“Awesome!  That would be helpful,” says Program and Events Manager Sara Rucker of Texas Folklife’s staff.  She’s fielding last minute calls from friends asking about last minute contributions to help reach today’s fundraising goal of $6,000 through Amplify Austin’s 24-hour giving marathon.


Three hours and counting


 Three hours and counting


 It’s 3 p.m. and Texas Folklife is two-thirds of the way to reaching it’s $6,000 goal for the Amplify Austin fundraising marathon.