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Johnny Degollado "El Montopolis Kid"

Johnny Degollado “El Montopolis Kid” takes the lead with his Hohner accordion in this Conjunto style PSA, accompanied by Jean Jacques “JJ” Barrera on Bajo Sexto (who also make an appearance in the Güateque Son PSA). Audio was recorded, mixed, and mastered by musician/sound engineer Nico Léophonte, known for his work with the likes of The Fabulous Thunderbirds at his local studio, Alnico Recording.

Outreach and production was led by Texas Folklife’s own Gabriela Kane Guardia, and the Hillside Mural provides backdrop, including a cameo from muralist Raúl Valdez, a seasoned community activist who has dedicated most of his life to the promotion and empowerment of Latin@/Chicano culture and communities in Austin and abroad.

“It was great to work on something that was culturally respectful and relevant while also giving complete autonomy to the artist and video team,” Valdez shared in reflecting on this project.

West Texas native Christopher Sibley of Papalote Productions served as Director of Videography, assisted by Ramon Mejia and Keith Chen as Videographers. We extend our thanks to the Austin Parks Department for their ongoing maintenance of the Pan American Neighborhood Park where this PSA was set.

This PSA was funded by Austin Public Health.

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