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Ballet Nepantla Texas Tour: Sin Fronteras


Ballet Nepantla presents its inaugural dance celebration “Sin Fronteras,” an impassioned and innovative representation of stories from Greater Mexico to be performed before audiences in Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley-- the birthplace of Ballet Nepantla. "Sin Fronteras" searches for the soul of the borderlands through a dynamic exploration of historical and cultural identity. Under the artistic direction of Edinburg native Andrea Guajardo and Guadalajara native Martín Rodríguez, Ballet Nepantla moves to live music directed by Felipe Fournier and fuses Contemporary Ballet and Mexican Folklorico to delve into the rich and complex experience of the borderlands. Through spirited dance inspired by a search for meaning, Nepantla’s genesis tour celebrates the blending of cultures and explores the real and metaphorical in-betweenness that exists across population groups and geographies that canvass Texas and Greater Mexico.

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Ballet Nepantla presents Sin Fronteras, a synergistic celebration crossing geographic, historical and artistic borders. Sin Fronteras explores the in-between-ness of cultures within the realm of dance, harmonizing traditional Mexican Folklorico, Contemporary Ballet, and West African dance in a way no other show has done. Let Ballet Nepantla captivate you November 26th with a show you don't want to miss!

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