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Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser Concert for Tawny Thomson-Bush

On Sunday February 9th, 2020 Texas Folklife will host a House Concert Fundraiser for Tawny Thomson-Bush in which all proceeds will go towards her efforts to receive life saving stem cell chemotherapy treatment. This event includes performances by world music greats: Oliver Rajamani, Roberto Riggio, Julie Slim, and Atlas Maior. Tickets: $35 Tawny Thomson-Bush has been a warrior with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 20 years. A new application of hematopoetic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) has been discovered and is a game changer for people with MS. This is the same procedure that has been used by actress Selma Blair earlier this year and 1000s of others. The procedure is not entirely new. It has been used for two decades for cancer. It was just written up in the Journal of the American Medical Association for its success as an MS treatment that essentially rids the body of MS cells and reboots the immune system. The greater medical community is learning how to treat patients with hematopoetic stem cell transplantation (HSCT.) It will take time. Tawny doesn't have time. Her MS is transitioning to a more advanced type. If she waits much longer, even this new procedure is not likely to help her. So it is with great humility and dire need that we are organizing this concert to help her from sinking further." More info: