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Ojalá duo: World music sung in Spanish & Persian at Texas Folklife Gallery

Please join us at Texas Folklife's Gallery on Friday 9/12 at 8:00pm for an intimate duo performance by Kamran Hooshmand and Javier Palacios of Ojalá, set against the backdrop of Texas Folklife's current gallery exhibit "Patterns" by Susan Morehead.  This occasion will celebrate both new and old connections between Persian and Mexican music, as well as visual themes of interconnectivity and symmetry explored in Morehead's photo collection from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Isfahan, Iran. 

This event is FREE and open to the public! 

Ojalá Artist Bio:
Ojalá was started in 2001 by the Iranian-born Kamran Hooshmand and the Mexican-born Javier Palacios, who discovered they had a spiritual connection to each other's home cultures. They then discovered that many of their songs shared musical and lyrical structures that made them easy to translate into the other language. Their CD debut Ojalá contains love songs from both cultures and was featured on NPR's nationally syndicated program Latino USA and on the BBC World Service radio and garnered notable reviews from local and international press.  This event will feature Javier and Kamran in an intimate acoustic duo setting, singing bilingual songs from Ojalá's repertoire accompanied by their guitar, oud, and some percussion.

Exhibit: "Patterns" by Susan Morehead:
“Patterns” is a selection of photographs by Susan Morehead featuring symmetrical designs occurring in both art and nature. The exhibition juxtaposes cactus species found primarily in the botanical garden of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Persian tiles witnessed in Morehead’s travels throughout Iran. Both elements contain repetitive, mathematically definable patterns such as mirror symmetry, radial symmetry, fractals and tessellation. The resulting effect raises questions about the often-intertwined relationship between artifice, natural order and mathematics. 

More info about the gallery exhibit HERE