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Stories Summer Institute 2021

Stories Summer Institute 2021: Listening to Local Cultures & Traditions Across Texas


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This program will take place virtually and will include asynchronous and synchronous content. Times TBD.

  • Asynchronous - August 1st through 4th
  • Synchronous (Zoom) - Weekend of August 6th through 8th



How do we tell the story of a place through sound? This year’s summer institute will focus on highlighting local cultures found across Texas's diverse regions and cities. Participants will explore a specific local tradition or cultural practice that is valued in their community. Participants will interview community members about local folklore and arts in both present and past times. 


We seek broad participation from educators across Texas regions. We encourage projects that explore intergenerational stories with elders steeped in community practices and histories, as well as projects that foster cross-regional dialogue and understanding. 


Participants will receive training on remote interviewing, transcription, and editing, as well as using asynchronous and virtual tools for teaching audio storytelling. 



Participants will complete two asynchronous modules and one weekend of synchronous workshops via Zoom. During the asynchronous time, teachers will complete two modules, work independently on assignments, and engage with the class through discussion boards, assignments, and videos. 

  • A guest scholar will give a synchronous lecture on the weekend of 8/6
  • Producers will provide workshops on audio storytelling and work with teachers on producing their stories.
  • Teachers will receive 10 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits 



  • Teachers will produce an audio story that includes interviews, recorded sounds, and music to create an auditory experience of a place through the story of a local tradition. 
  • Teachers will understand how to implement similar projects in their own classrooms, using both asynchronous and synchronous methods.


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