The Accordion Jamboree

Event Category: 
Non-Texas-Folklife Event
Event Date: 
Sun Oct 26, 2014 - 3:00PM


The Central Accordion Association and the Elgin SPJST present "The Accordion Jamboree" on Sunday, Oct 26th at 3:00 pm. The Jamboree will shocase accordion music of many different styles and genres. There will be five groups of musicians ranging from solo artists to full bands of seven or eight. Each set will be thirty five minutes. The genres range from Czech music to Chicago style dance music to big band sounds and country. This event is for dancing! All the music will be danceable and the blend of sounds means that there'll be something for everyone.

The musicians are all Central Texas locals who play in and around the area. Some of them play at dances, others play at rest homes to entertain the elderly who, for one reason or another, are housebound. Some of the musicians are retired and make music just to make folks smile while others are working musicians who play for dances and at venues. 

The Central Accordion Association is dedicated to promoting the accordion and its use. It is the most versatile instrument available and it works for solo play, sitting or standing, or as a lead or backup instrument in a larger band. It's chromatic and, therefore, can be played in any key. The accordion is a fun and easy instrument to learn for either young children or the elderly.