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2016 Fulmore Middle School Student Productions

2016 Fulmore Middle School Student Productions Now Available on Soundcloud


The finished audio pieces from our Fall 2016 podcasting project at Fulmore Middle School are now online. At Fulmore Middle School, the Stories team worked with ESOL teacher Dana Cook, also a veteran of the Stories Summer Institute, to teach two classes of mostly refugee students how to use recording and podcasting technology. The final pieces document a wide range of refugee and immigration experiences as seen through the eyes of these middle school students.


Our time at Fulmore was an exciting experience. It was the first time the Stories program has worked with primarily English language learners. The interviews and stories were conducted in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Swahili, with many nationalities from around the world represented. We were happy to bring Stories teaching and radio production to students who truly represent the diversity of Austin’s population. The life experiences told through the Fulmore partnership are some of the most culturally rich documentaries our program has ever produced, and the students worked hard to bring the pieces together in only two weeks.


The Fulmore finished pieces can be heard online at or on Public Radio Exchange at

Stories Director Brian Griffith led the program, together with producers Jennifer Rice and Carlos Salazar, with teaching and curriculum assistance from Fulmore ESOL teacher Dana Cook.  

"Stories from Deep in the Heart" is supported in part by the members of Texas Folklife, and through grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts, an award from the National Endowment for teh Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art; the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Development Department, Department of Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs Grant for Technology Opportunities (GTOPS); and generous support from the Austin Independent School District and KUT News 90.5FM.