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Creative Space Survey

The Austin arts community is well aware of the creative space issues we face, so we are working together to propose potential solutions.  Over the past year, creative space needs have been discussed at monthly meetings by a small group of representatives from interested nonprofit arts groups and businesses, artists, and educational institutions. 


As potential property became identified many of these individuals toured these properties, exploring possibilities of securing a larger space to be occupied by multiple arts organizations.  In an effort to be poised to move on securing any property it was decided to gather names, contact info, and space needs of potential partners and tenants. Hence this Austin Creative Space Needs Survey.  


Please fill out the survey and feel free to forward to other artists, art collectives, arts organizations and arts-related businesses that you know need space or have space available. 


By filling out this survey and including your contact information, you agree to have your survey results and contact info shared with others who participate in the survey.  The goal of this survey is to connect with each other and discuss potential shared space collaborations, based on tangible needs and opportunities we identify in the survey.


Survey results will be shared with all survey participants on a monthly basis in the form of a group email.  Input, suggestions, and feedback on how to make this survey more effective are welcome.  Please direct any questions to Charlie Lockwood at / 512-441-9255. 


The Survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.  Thank you!