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David Dodd Receives Star of Texas Folklife Award

Texas Folklife kicked off the 30th Annual Accordion Kings & Queens with a celebration and award ceremony at Cactus Music, honoring longtime event photographer David Dodd with the Star of Texas Folklife Award.  Since 2002 David's photography has elevated the Accordion Kings & Queens program by capturing unforgettable musical moments on stage, and he has contributed his work for Texas Folklife's "Accordion Kings & Queens" retrospective photography gallery exhibit, currently touring in the Houston area. 

David is an accomplished photographer with works published and exhibited in multiple settings.  He has traveled widely for decades, and has worked with world-renowned photographers to arrange far-flung photographic expeditions. Beyond his special love of photographing Texas musical traditions, David has built superb portfolios in the areas of Southwestern ruins and landscapes, Chinese portraiture and landscapes, and bird wildlife.  In his photography, David has a special gift not only for composition, but for timing… the capturing of just the right moment of a child’s expression, a bird’s flight or a transcendent musical moment on stage. Fortunately for Texas Folklife, Texas remains his favorite place on earth!  David’s passion for capturing Texas cultural traditions matches the passion of the musicians he is photographing, and out of that, magic happens.

Texas Folklife would like to thank and congratulate David Dodd once again for his past and continued support of Accordion Kings & Queens through his wonderful photos.