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Gallery Exhibit: The Blues Life

The Blues Life

The blues continue to be a part of African-American life in Texas, and is found where dancing, drinking, socializing and being seen are at the center of the action. The blues life, in a sense, is made up of all these pieces - the music and the mood, the place and the people. The three venues documented in this exhibition - the Eastside Lounge and the Longbranch Inn in Austin and C. Davis Bar-B-Q in Houston - have served variously as neighborhood hangouts or favorite jam places for local blues musicians. In their modest and steady way, these venues keep the blues alive by providing a welcoming environment for musicians and for the many people who follow and support them.


Exhibit Specifications:

Matted and framed black and white photographs: (20) 16x20in. Framed triptychs: (2) 30x14in

Text Panels: Title panel 26x14in, (5) 16x20in

Running feet: 40.5 ft

Hanging specifications: ready to hang

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