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Gallery Exhibit: The Cowboy Bootmakers

Thursday, April 25th, 7-9pm

Texas Folklife Gallery, 1708 Houston St, Austin, TX 78756

This week April 22-27 Quilting the World's Conscience Exhibit will be temporarily unavailiabile while we host The Cowboy Bootmakers

on April 25th.

The Cowboy Bootmakers will be an evening celebrating the traditions of handmade bootmaking and the master bootmakers who are passing down their knowledge through apprenticeships.  Local Austin favorites, McMercy Family Band, will play live at the event.  The Cowboy Bootmakers zine will be released, as well as videos, photos and cowboy bootmakers stories on display.  Bootmakers from Texas and beyond will be in attendance--so come on down to rub elbows and talk shop!  Free and open to the public.