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Little Texas Stories

Little Texas Stories is a crowdsourced project that invites community members, youth, and educators to submit short interviews to be archived and disseminated through Texas Folklife. 

Participants conduct short (10-15 minute) interviews with someone in their community and ask them about an important living tradition in their lives. Interviewees share stories about their personal experiences, memories, and activities related to the tradition. 

Traditions may include celebrations, gatherings, and festivals, foodways (e.g. cooking), arts and crafts (e.g. music, dance, costume or mask-making), labor (e.g. work practices), verbal arts (e.g. spoken word, storytelling), beliefs, and more. These should be living traditions - e.g. something the person has experienced first hand, either in the present or past, and ideally they are passed down from person to person - as opposed to through books, manuscripts, or by institutions. Learn more about documenting folklife through the American Folklife Center

Participants must follow Texas Folklife’s recording and submission guidelines to participate. 


Little Texas Stories Recording and Submission Guidelines


All stories will be stored in the Texas Folklife archives. Selected stories will periodically be featured on our website, Soundcloud, social media, and on PRX where they may be picked up for national syndication. Featured stories will be edited by our producers to fit into a five-minute podcast format.