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Los Trovadores de Raul Orduña

Chelsea Hernandez of Panda Bear Films spearheaded the outreach and production efforts on this PSA that set the stage for the rest, serving as lead videographer and editor, with assistance from Sharon Arteaga.

With original music and lyrics by Los Trovadores de Raul Orduña - recorded by engineer Gary Calhoun James at Hen House Studios - this PSA exemplifies the Huapango Arribeño music from Mexico. Genaro Rincon is featured on first violin, Pepe Ruiz on second violin, Rafa Ruiz on jarana huasteca, with Raul on quinta huapanguera and vocals.

The word “Huapango” likely derives from the Nahuatl word cuauhpanco which translates to “on top of the wood,” referencing a wooden platform on which dancers perform. This PSA features the zapateado steps of Ballet Folklórico "Lo Nuestro": The Lara Family (Victor, Sydney, Virginia, and Lindsey), Imelda Gonzales, and Ruth Rivera Barragan.

We extend our thanks to Uloang and Carmen Rangel for permission to feature their mural artwork, as well as to the No Seas Wey team - Matt Reyes, Alejandro Ramirez, Ana Saurez, and Rafa Serrano - who commissioned the murals featured and provided critical insight and support in the plans for distributing this PSA.

In reflecting on this project, Raul shared, “it's been a pleasure to participate, and to share with the community and all kinds of people the need to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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