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Stories Fall 2014...And We're off!

 This Fall the Stories Team has put its equipment and audio skills into the hands and hearts of two classrooms on the east side of Austin! 

The team is being lead by Marcelo Teson, Program Director and Summer Institute Lead Instructor for Stories From Deep in the Heart.  

First up, we are working with Veteran Stories fellow Mrs. Sarah Waggoner at Kealing Middle School Magnet.  Her “Explore Austin” class is teaming up with the African American Heritage Cultural District to produce stories that will compliment the project’s interactive map, which will be highlighting the history of the district using a diversity of media formats. 

Stories are currently in development, so stay tuned! We will be updating soon with more information.

Our second group of students attend Martin Middle School and are part of Ms. Jenn Karydas’ 7th grade Enrichment Based Learning class.  

So far we are off to a great start. The students brainstormed three strong stories that are pertinent to their lives, their surroundings at school, or their neighborhoods. We have a group of female students who are producing a story on the girl’s volleyball team and some of the rituals that help them be a strong team (the youth already have some audio from a recent win!). 

We also have a group of students who are investigating the truth behind the ghost of Martin Middle School.  “Is the school really haunted-did someone really die at Martin M.S?”, are some of the questions posed by these young storytellers to their teachers, administrators and students. 

The final group decided to go out into their neighborhood and do a story on a local Flea Market, where they talked to the vendors about the business of having a stand, profits, and why they like vending at the Flea Market. 

We will keep updating our progress, and send out invitations to the listening parties taking place at the end of the semester.  We are halfway there!  So wish us luck and patience in the awesome but sometimes-complicated process of making audio documentary fun and insightful! 

-Stories from Deep in the Heart Team