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The Texas Folklife Archival Site is Live

Since 1984, Texas Folklife has been working hard to cultivate, document and promote Texas-based folk and traditional arts and culture to one and all.  Thanks in part  to the board and members of Texas Folklife, and to a grant from the Grammy Foundation and support from the American Folklore Society, University of Texas School of Information Science (iSchool), and Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, we have embarked on an effort to digitize the vast, in-depth repository of documents, visuals and audio compiled during these many years of cultural explorations by many, many contributors.

The TFAL is intended to be our public digital manifestation of all of these works.  We will be uploading these works as we progress with the digitization and cataloging effort. Needless to say, archival preservation is time-consuming, meticulous work. In addition to the conversion of precious project outputs to digital form, each output then go through a detailed review, refinement and cataloging effort.

This site represents a small slice of the organization's thousands of analog and digital archival holdings.  Our team has digitized only a fraction of the overall archival holdings, and we need your support and input to keep the momentum going!  

The purpose of this website is to demonstrate what we have achieved with our limited resources, and to generate additional interest, funding and support for this project.  Our focus with this website has been been more on ease of use and simple navigation rather than an academic or library archive, which could potentially house this collection in the future.  

Become a member today and exclusive login credentials will be emailed to you so that you can access the TFAL. Use your access to help shape the future growth of the TFAL and provide feedback about the site to Texas Folklife. 




We welcome your feedback on our website for the TFAL collection holdings. Use this form to offer your input on the overall website, user experience, quality and accessibility of site contents, suggestions, and any and all constructive critiques. Texas Folklife will utilize your input for the next phase of this project, including public launch, future digitization and distribution, and partner collaborations.

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Please Contact Us if you are interested in contributing to the project as a volunteer, and we would be delighted to explore how you can participate. 
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