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Amplify Austin 2017

Amplify Austin 2017 
Thursday March 2nd (6pm) - Friday March 3rd (6pm) 


WHEN: Thursday March 2nd (6 PM) - Friday March 3rd (6 PM)  


Texas Folklife’s programs help folk art practitioners across Texas continue their craft and carry traditions forward, give a voice to marginalized communities and individuals statewide, and provide a platform for community-based cultural expressions to thrive.  

But we can’t do this work without you.

Please support Texas Folklife by donating for Amplify Austin 2017!  This 24-hour annual community-wide day of giving helps pull the community together towards a common cause and also helps many local Austin nonprofits.  Your support for Texas Folklife during Amplify Austin helps us produce our flagship programs Big Squeeze, House Concert Series, Gallery Exhibits, Accordion Kings and Queens, Apprenticeships in the Folk & Traditional Arts, Stories from Deep in the Heart, and more!

You can take action now and show your support for Texas Folklife.

Here is what you can do:


  • Schedule a donation now:
    Why wait? Scheduling your donation for the big day is only a click away:


  • Create a fundraiser page:
    Want to get involved with our fundraising efforts? You can create an individual fundraiser page and help raise money for our cause! Follow the link below to create your very own account and start a fundraiser page.  We will provide you with some great Texas Folklife images to put on your page.


  • Save the date and spread the word:
    If you are familiar with our organization, please share our mission with others and spread the word about supporting Texas Folklife during Amplify Austin.