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Foodways: A Place in the Table in San Angelo

Texas Folklife is conducting a statewide survey of regional foodways on Family Day Islamic Adventure at the San Antonio Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday November 9th. We invite you to take “a place at the table” and tell us your family’s favorite dishes, or the work that you do to produce food for your family or the market. This is part of a three year project that is now expanding into 29 counties in West Texas. “A Place at the Table” goals are to build a portrait of the dynamic and diverse cultures of Texas.

Texas Folklife will be interviewing community members in Gallery 1 at the Museum from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Bring prepared food, photographs, recipes and stories that could become part of new exhibits, a book publication, radio and television documentaries and placed as a legacy for future generations in Texas libraries and on Texas Folklife’s website.