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Celtic & Conjunto Music

Without fail each year the Big Squeeze Accordion Contest brings a pleasant surprise, and this year (2013) it was eleven year-old Juan Duenes from Brownsville.  To my astonishment I heard a Celtic jig coming from the stage, and it was little Juanito openining up his audition song with a tune by Irish punk band Dropkick Murphys, before smoothly transitioning to Tejano Conjunto.  The experienced and masterful musical back-up of his teacher, Santiago Castillo, helped him pull it off, but the idea was not inspired by him - it was all Juanito himself.  When I asked him who taught him this song Juanito matter-of-factly said, "the internet."  

Now these are the advantages of a global world - from Ireland to the Texas-Mexico border, music inspring young people, and traditional music, in all corners of the planet!  Way to go, Juanito, for that innovation.  I can wait to see what you're doing 10 years from now!