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The Big Squeeze is a statewide contest for accordion players ages 21 and under to showcase their performance abilities in any genre of music: polka, zydeco, conjunto, Tejano, Cajun, and more!

An annual accordion showcase featuring legends of conjunto, polka, country-western, zydeco, cajun and many more styles.
Stories from Deep in the Heart is our award-winning youth radio program that teaches high school students and teachers how to document their family and community traditions through audio documentaries .
The Apprenticeship Program provides awards of up to $3,000 for artist mentors to offer intensive training in a specific traditional art form or cultural practice to dedicated apprentices for six to eight months.
A new virtual roundtable series with the folk and traditional arts community to help stay connected during pandemic times.
Exhibits at the Texas Folklife Gallery and elsewhere
Texas Folklife Touring Exhibits are a range of performances, exhibitions, and workshops in the traditional arts that we take on the road and bring to interested communities, schools and other venues.

Stories for Creative Forces is a Military Veterans Program.  Workshops are designed to help current and prior service members express their stories and folklore (customs and traditions) through audio production training. All participants gain experience in research and interviewing techniques, audio recording, logging, transcribing, writing composition, and story crafting with audio field recordings. 

See below for example Veteran-produced stories on our Soundcloud page: 

Educational Resources comprise of curriculum guides and other informational resources that shed light on the diverse folk traditions in Texas .

Other programs curated by Texas Folklife