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Judith Estrada Garcia
Creative Forces Program Coordinator

Judith Estrada Garcia is the Stories for Creative Forces Program Coordinator for Texas Folklife. Judith is a graduate of the National Univerisity in La Jolla with an MBA in Finance and an MS in Human Behavior. She is a Marine Corps Veteran who retired after 25 years of honorable service in 2007. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Judith began to teach herself various art mediums as a way to express her emotions, memories, and experiences in the military. Judith now owns her own art studio and Gallery in Georgetown, TX and serves as the Art Director & Exhibits Curator for AVAFest 2021.


"My artistic style is evolving as I learn more about the medium and the figures I select. However, I know I will use vibrant colors to express my idea of freedom. Freedom not defined by lack of autonomy, but the free will of electrical currents dancing in and out and around us. We intermittently capture these currents which for me are hubs between human beings and all natural things that reside on Earth. When connections are severed then deterioration of the natural objects and human beings happen. My artistic goal is to restore old connections and form new connections through my art."