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Having some PUN at Wurstfest

It seems like one of the easiest words in Texas to use as a pun is wurst. My head was full of clever puns after attending Wurstfest in New Braunfels last weekend. A two-week celebration of the German influence on Texas culture through food and music is what this 50 year old festival is all about. As always, my reason for going was to hear some of the best German & Czech bands from around the state, country and world but I found myself prioritizing the food when I walked through the gates. After surveying the grounds, my decision came to "Wurst in Taschen," a juicy bratwurst covered in sauerkraut resting inside a pita pocket for the ease of holding in one's hand. I would've taken a picture, but I was too busy devouring it! Then I went over to "Czech" out Mark Halata & Texavia, who got the Sunday festival-goers up on their feet to dance the polka. If Mark Halata is the Jimmie Vaughan of accordion (he's got the style too!) then Alex Meixner is the Jimi Hendrix of accordion. He led an accordion driven jam that included Mollie B from The Mollie B Polka Party on trumpet. This festival is more proof that polka is alive and well in Texas. Be sure to catch Mark Halata and others at POLKAPOCALYPSE! Nov. 23rd in Austin, presented by Elisabet Ney Museum with Texas Folklife.