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Queerbomb 2022

By Jeannelle Ramirez


For the past twelve years, Queerbomb – a radically inclusive Austin-based LGBTQIA+ volunteer-led grassroots organization – has been organizing community-based alternative pride marches in downtown Austin.  These rallies honor LGBTQIA+ histories by taking up public space and calling attention to issues that affect queer Texans today. In contrast to increasingly corporatized pride events, Queerbomb keeps alive the tradition of protest and disruption that characterized the original Stonewall riots of 1969. 

Returning for the first time after a pandemic-induced multi-year hiatus, this year’s Queerbomb march started at the Native Hostel on 4th street in East Austin and moved through the popular 6th street entertainment district, grabbing the attention of Saturday night revelrers. A small brass band at the forefront of the march signaled the arrival of the hundreds of participants, as they chanted in unison through the streets of Austin while decked out in elaborate outfits. 

You can read more about the recent march and its organizers here, or learn more about folklife and pride protest traditions here


Jeannelle is the Program Manager for the Stories from Deep in the Heart program.


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