(blog) Swedish-Texan Traditions

Ever seen a ghost? What about a town full of Swedish ghosts in the Rio Grande Valley?

After seeing a photo my neighbor posted online today, I uncovered a tradition and even deeper history of the Swedish influence on Texas. My neighbor is a native Texan whose great-grandfather emigrated to the United States from Sweden. Today, December 13, happens to be the Swedish Catholic holiday of St. Lucia Day. There are tradional foods such as Lussekatter, seen here, which are pastries made with saffron to sybolize the light of St. Lucia. She also referred me to an article written by her uncle, a former professor at UTPA about a town established by Swedes in the early 20th century near Lyford, Texas near the Rio Grande. Learn more about Stockholm, Texas which is now nothing more than a "historical marker and a dust-blown cemetary" in Dr. Vassberg's 2000 article. If you want to learn even more about the Swedes in Texas, visit this page on the Texas State Historic Association's site