(blog) The Festival Of Texas Fiddling is coming!

The Festival of Texas Fiddling is coming up in only one month, December 6 at the Twin Sisters dance hall in Blanco

More information on the Festival and ticket info can be found at the Festival homepage.

This is the first festival to present the diverse array of the powerful fiddle traditions from across the state. It is right in line with Texas Folklife’s longstanding involvement with Texas fiddling over the past thirty years.  This festival can actually be thought of as the launch of the next thirty years of celebrating and showcasing the full array of Texas fiddle styles at Texas Folklife.  

Texas may well have the most diverse array of fiddle styles in the United States.  People who are used to thinking of Texas fiddling chiefly in terms of flashy contest style fiddling or honky tonk fiddling are going to be happily surprised to discover just how good all the styles of Texas fiddling are for listening and dancing both.

All of the styles of fiddling featured at the Festival used to be heard every week in Texas dance halls, where bands played everything from country shuffles to Mexican redovas to Texas Polish polkas.  Across the state you can still hear these styles being of fiddling played if you know where to go. The Festival of Texas Fiddling is making it easy by bringing the best fiddlers in each tradition together for the first time in a daylong celebration of music and dance. 

The Festival Of Texas Fiddling presents showcase concerts of fiddle masters and also the opportunity to learn directly from the masters of regional styles like old time, Creole, and Texas Polish.

Today we have chosen to feature the unique style of Texas Polish master fiddler Brian Marshall., who will be leading one of the fiddle workshops

The following videos show him playing solo front porch Texas Polish fiddling (along with Harold Wishkoski). This was filmed in Stoneham, Texas, August 10, 2012

Here is the Brian Marshall and Sons band at the Country Corner Crawfish Boil in Cypress, Texas, April 12, 2014

And to give an idea of the diverse range of Brian’s fiddling and the ways Texas Polish music exists in the same dance space as other Texas music, here he is playing Cajun music at the same festival with Cory and Lisa McCauley