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Hechos, No Miedo | Facts, Not Fear PSA Series



Texas Folklife’s Hechos, No Miedo | Facts, Not Fear PSA Series is created by and for our community

Working with a variety of artists and community collaborators to produce arts-based public health messaging for communities that have experienced high levels of infection and low vaccine rates during the pandemic, this project seeks to engage Austin-area community members in conversations that respect community knowledge, embrace lived experience, and help identify and overcome the complex barriers affecting equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The five PSAs, each with a short and long version, are designed for sharing through social media, peer-to-peer messaging platforms, and broadcast. View each & learn more on the pages below, or watch on YouTube and listen on Soundcloud.


More information to meet you where you are

Reliable information sources to learn more and empower your choice.

Information to dig deeper and learn from others to make your own decision.

Resources for where and how to get the free vaccine when you're ready.

Share Your Experience

Sharing your own vaccine experience with others who may have questions makes all the difference! Choose your favorite PSA to highlight and select some of the starting points below to Spread Facts, Not Fear.

Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, or heart or lung disease are at higher risk for developing more serious complications when they have COVID-19… and the vaccine can help! If you or someone you know is at high risk, share a resource page to invite them to look at the facts. At a loss for what to share? Facebook has a COVID-19 Information Center that’s a good start.

Share why you chose to get vaccinated in your post, story, or reel! Tag it with #covid19vaccine and invite friends to reach out with questions or to hear more about your experience. When searching and sharing about the vaccine on Instagram, the platform will help direct you to reliable, up-to-date information before showing posts.

Is your abuela an avid WhatsApp user? Maybe you’re part of an active group thread. Let them know you can contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Whatsapp (in Spanish only) to get quick answers about vaccine locations, free rides and childcare for your vaccine appointment, and more. 

No, the COVID-19 vaccine won’t turn you into a zombie. Share Facts, Not Fear on Tiktok by countering the most shocking misinformation you’ve found with a #learnontiktok moment. Or! Share a clip about your experience getting vaccinated and then #passthephone to who you think should go next. If you’re feeling creative, maybe #tellmewithoutactuallytellingme how you got the COVID-19 vaccine.

Things move quickly in the Twittersphere, and lots of people had questions about how the COVID-19 vaccine was developed so quickly. Show off your band-aided shoulder with #SleevesUp and share the facts about how mRNA vaccines have been a long time in the making, and that additional resources helped researchers overcome hurdles while the world was shut down.

Have More To Say?

Share your story with us at greater length, and have the chance to be featured on this page or in our Stories from Deep in the Heart coverage

How This Project Came to Be

Texas Folklife is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the diverse cultures and living heritage of the Lone Star State. What does that have to do with the COVID-19 vaccine?

It is irrefutable that the stories we share amidst COVID-19 have a significant impact on the public perception of, and engagement with, communities’ trust of the medical field and commitment to health interventions. Public trust in government and fellow citizens is at or near historic lows.

There is ample evidence to support the positive role folklorists, tradition bearers, and arts leaders can play in building trust amidst communities by highlighting educational messaging in the form of folk and traditional artistic expression, but also in countering misinformation that is actively being spread. 

Together with peer messengers, Texas Folklife hopes to bring a strong understanding of the power of folklore and folklife, a respect for community knowledge and lived experience, and a nuanced understanding of how to combat misinformation through the traditional arts. This project is part of a larger public health effort to help end the COVID-19 pandemic in our local communities, and sets the stage for future endeavors that explore the power and potential of traditional arts in overall community health. 

All of our work is supported by our generous donors. We are grateful for the generous support of Austin Public Health, which funded three of the PSAs. Additional support for a fifth, forthcoming PSA was provided in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts' Arts Respond Program.

Please note that Texas Folklife is not sanctioned to provide medical advice. We are simply collecting input from and responding to community views. Official medical resources should be consulted before making a decision that impacts your health.


Have questions about the vaccine?

If in Austin, Call 512 974 2000 or 3-1-1. Leave your name and phone number.

Austin Public Health will call you back to schedule an appointment, in the language you need.

Or, click the link below to visit the City of Austin’s COVID-19 page for walk-up options and more.

If located outside of Austin, go to or call 1-833-832-7067.

Elsewhere in the U.S.? Please visit

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Have Questions About The Project?

Media Contact: Rebecca Johnson, Arts Articulated or (512) 689-0240

Program Contact, English: Kate Murray, Texas Folklife (512) 441-9255

Program Contact, Spanish: Gabriela Kane Guardia, Texas Folklife (512) 441-9255

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