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Touring Exhibits
Texas Folklife Touring Exhibits are a range of performances, exhibitions, and workshops in the traditional arts that we take on the road and bring to interested communities, schools and other venues. If you are interested in bringing one of our Touring Exhibits to your local community, please use the contact form to email us for pricing and other details. Touring Exhibits currently available are listed below.
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  • Posted on Thu Nov 1, 2012
    The Southmost area of Brownsville, the southernmost populated tip of Texas along the banks of the Rio Grande, holds a tight-knit community of immigrant families whose cultural heritage is expressed daily in their traditions, celebrations, music, gardening, religion, lifestyle, and most importantly, food. Along a strip of Southmost Road, locally known as “Taco Boulevard,” lies more than 20 locally-owned taquerias along the main artery of the neighborhood. Containing rich photographs by Chuy Benitez, the Taquerías of Southmost photography exhibit provides an entrance into the rich cultural traditions of an often closed and discriminated population.