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Texas Folklife

Folk and Traditional Arts of Texas

Accordion Kings and Queens

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  • Posted on Tue May 13, 2014

    Houston's Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park is unique in the United States, offering an 8 month season of professional entertainment that is artistically excellent, culturally diverse and always FREE of charge to the public. This is the largest "always free" program of its kind in the country.

  • Posted on Fri Nov 15, 2013

    The Big Squeeze is a documentary film that follows the newest generation of young accordion players as they compete for Texas Folklife’s annual Big Squeeze Accordion Contest held as part of the Accordion Kings and Queens Festival in Houston, Texas.

    Preview of The Big Squeeze

  • Posted on Tue May 28, 2019

  • Posted on Thu Apr 10, 2014

    This exhibit represents a sampling of highlights from Texas Folklife's annual Accordion Kings & Queens Festival held every June at Houston's Miller Outdoor Theater.  All photos below are credited to our long-time photographer, David Dodd.  

    This exhibit can be presented in conjunction with our Touring Roster.