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down in houston

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  • Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2018

    In the clubs, ballrooms, and barbecue joints of neighborhoods such as Third Ward, Frenchtown, Sunnyside, and Double Bayou, Houston’s African American community birthed a vibrant and unique slice of the blues. Houston blues was and is the voice of a working-class community, an ongoing conversation about good times and hard times, smokin’ Saturday nights and Blue Mondays. Showcasing the photographs and stories in the book Down in Houston: Bayou City Blues by Roger Wood and James Fraher, this exhibit presents a detailed portrait of the Houston blues scene, past and present, through interviews and dramatic black-and-white photographs.

  • Posted on Thu Aug 9, 2018

    Down in Houston: Gallery Exhibit Opening
    Texas Folklife Gallery
    1708 Houston St / Austin, TX 78756

    FREE with RSVP

    Eventbrite - Down In Houston: Gallery Exhibit Opening

  • Posted on Tue Nov 26, 2013

    We will be exhibiting the work of James Fraher at the Houston 2014 FotoFest. It will be on display at the Art Department Gallery of Houston Community College Central from Feb 25th until March 30th.