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Texas Folklife

Folk and Traditional Arts of Texas

Texas Dance Hall

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  • Posted on Mon May 20, 2019

    Join us on Thursday June 27th at the Texas Folklife Gallery on 1708 Houston St. for refreshments and an artist reception with photographer Rupert Chambers and guest musician Bob Dabbs. 


  • Posted on Sat Jul 26, 2014

    Keeping in tradition of my annual Big Squeeze blog post, I’d like to start this year’s recap by declaring 2014 the Year of the Armadillo. When Austin design firm Frank+Victor revamped our Big Squeeze logo to include the armadill-accordion image, my coworker Michelle mentioned that soon after, many other music programs and festivals were using the armadillo on promotional materials.

  • Posted on Thu Apr 17, 2014

    BIG DANCE May 3rd at the HISTORIC Cat Spring Agricultural Society Pavilion

  • Posted on Thu Apr 17, 2014