(venue) Santa Cruz Studio Theater

1805 E 7th St
Austin , TX

Santa Cruz Center for Culture

Is a Landmark Performance Venue for Art/Artist here in Austin Tx . Since 1985
It has also been home to The Aztlan Dance Company Est1974.

Being a part of the community for over 30 years we are excited and encourage for other artist /art forms to join our journey in this creative space

We are Downtown and offer great rental prices to a Variety of events.

Santa Cruz has professional equipment to run productions from lighting, to audio, and projection.

Our auditorium seats 100 people with a 15 person crew.
Bar area and restrooms are located behind seating bleachers.

Our Conference room can transforms into a green room for dancers,actors,and musicians. Or into art gallery during festivals. Lounge area for gatherings and much more to fit needs of event.

We host many events from:
Company Banquets
Dance Performances Theater Productions Music Concerts. Receptions
Slam Poetry Comedy Acts.
Festivals. Classes. Birthdays

Partner Role: