(venue) Twin Sisters Dance Hall

Twin Sisters Dance Hall 6720 U.S. 281 South Blanco, TX 78606
78606 Blanco , TX

"Mr. Max Kruger was responsible for building a dance hall and community center along with a bowling alley in 1869 that opened to the public in January 1870. These buildings were named The Twin Sister Hall and Bowling Alley. In 1967 the bowling alley burned to the ground and was later rebuilt in Spring Branch Texas. The Twin Sisters Dance Hall still serves to this day as a community center for weddings, family functions, fund raisers for charity, etc. The dance hall is now owned and operated by The Twin Sister Hall Club, Inc. a non-profit organization that still to this day has a dance their on the first Saturday of the month to keep the hall open and operating. The hall features live bands and is open to the public. The Twin Sister Hall could be the oldest dance hall in Texas but was called a community center instead of a dance hall in the beginning. So, if you are ever in this part of the world on the first Saturday night of the month drop in and have a good time the old fashioned-way with the family. All ages are welcome and children under 12 get in free." - from "History of Twin Sisters" www.twinsistersdancehall.com

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