Dr. Elisha Oliver is the Executive Director at Texas Folklife. She is a Biocultural Anthropologist, Folklorist, and Visual Ethnographer. Elisha earned her Ph.D. in anthropology, with specializations in Health and Human Biology and Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. Her research explored the intersections of space and place, food, music, and storytelling with health and wellbeing.

Elisha has over twenty years of nonprofit management and leadership experience. She identifies as a Servant Leader and strives to create spaces for professional growth for her team, spaces that privilege community voices, and spaces for equitable access to arts and culture programming.

Elisha enjoys good coffee and great conversations. If you’re free for a coffee chat, email her. She’ll have Texas-sized stories to share about her wonderful community partners, favorite books, and award winning-esque adventures. Elisha will, encourage you to become a Texas Folklife member (if you aren’t) and you will leave your coffee chat knowing you’ve made a lifelong friend.